Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ondeck security and audit

By default, all registered team families have access to the ONDECK functions. It may be desired to only allow volunteers who will serve Clerk of course, judges and scorers etc. to access such functions during a meet because we don't want unauthorized people to make changes to meet data (imagine a person using a mobile device playing with the ONDECK data pretending as a place judge). ONDECK has role security built in so you can enable the relevant families to do the tasks for a particular meet.

First things first, you go the the Team Setup page and select the "Enable ONDECK Security" checkbox.

Then, go to Admin menu Other->Manage roles. You should see a new button "Toggle ONDECK access" shows up. Select all the families that will be serving as one of the ONDECK functions and give them the ONDECK access. This is a toggle button so you can remove such access the same way. All super admins, admins and coaches automatically have ONDECK access.

If there is a need to trace down exactly who updates an ONDECK record, ONDECK has audit data that tracks the last update. We should be able to identify the account that makes the last change of a record. Please contact us if such a need arises.

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